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A New Way of Living

Your path of enlightenment has led You here, and it is exactly where You are meant to be.


to the joy of being

Living in the present moment is fundamental, and nothing is more important than bringing awareness to who You truly are.

  • Live in the Present
  • Quiet the Mind
  • Develop Awareness
  • Spiritually Awaken
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About Alyssa

There is nothing about me You don’t
already know, but I will share with you a few experiences that have led me to where I am now.

Growing up in a family business
dedicated to education, I was exposed to a tremendous amount of service to others. Others that were underserved and didn’t have access to life-changing opportunities. We owned a college that was founded by my grandparents, operated by my father, and I was the third generation.


We are all of the same source, just different life experiences

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For the Learner

Alyssa is passionate about teaching and helping others in their experiences towards a spiritual awakening. She believes we all have the power to quiet our minds and live consciously to create inner peace. Through her teachings, Alyssa helps her students to cultivate an awareness of their innermost being to unlock their potential and live fully in the present.

Reminders of Presence
– Cues to keep you in the moment.

Let Go of Drama
– Reshape your perspective and find peace.

Control Your Emotions
– Act, don’t react.

Kiss the Ego Goodbye
– Realize who You truly are.

Meditative Living
– Quieting the mind in all that you do.

FYI: F ind Y ourself Inside

This is a collection of messages for the reader to meditate on and develop a sense of Self and empowerment.

Each lesson creates a foundation for stillness of the mind and encourages living in the present.

Through presence, there is a wonderful opportunity to change the way we are experiencing the world around us.

Crafted as a minimalist approach to teaching awareness, each page will allow for breakthroughs of Self-realization.

Throughout this book, the reader will be challenged, but Consciousness will respond.

“To awaken is to see the world beyond all thoughts” (FYI Find Yourself Inside).

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What Our Community is Saying

The words that flow through Alyssa are profound yet simple, helping humans discover what truly matters. Being.

Spending time with Alyssa has been invaluable to my spiritual growth. Creating a space for sharing with no judgment, Alyssa’s guidance has helped me to cultivate presence deep within myself.

Alyssa opened up new perspectives for me during our conversations that provided the insight that I needed to move forward on my spiritual journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to increase Presence in their lives and experience.

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